Laptop chip level repairing in coimbatore


Screen Broken, Dull Display, Hinges Broken, Laptop Panels, Power on No Display, Dead, Touch Panel, Keypad without keys, Batteries, Adaptors, Optical Drives, Cooling Fan, Hard Disk, Memory.

motherboard chip level service in coimbatore


Dead, No Display, Hanging, VGA, Keyboard not detecting, Mouse not detecting, HDD not detecting, BIOS.

chip level service in Coimbatore


Screen Broken, Dead, No Display, Dull Display, Color, Menu Locked, VGA Cable, Vertical, Horizontal, Picture Tube.

lenovo laptop service center in coimbatore


Dead, Restarting, No Display, Output Connectors.

lenovo laptop authorised service centre in coimbatore


Dead, Restarting, No Display, Output PIN, Output Cable.

dell laptop authorised service centre in coimbatore


Dead, No Output, Distortion Output, Input Cable.

chip level service in Coimbatore

Computers have become indispensable part of our lives recently and computer service industry is constantly growing. Delphi provides wide range of exceptional repair services to your business equipments. Our solutions are fast, reliable, cost-effective and timely.

We examine the problems you face and provide ideal solutions to increase the operational efficiency of the equipments. Our Delphi experts work with end users to identify their specific needs and requirements. Using the most relevant technology and products, our team of computer and laptop service engineers offers customized solutions to match your budget and performance requirements. With our hardware service technicians, we provide you electronic level services and other secondary level of services that keep your information infrastructure strong. Besides, our engineers also provide a handful of basic maintenance tips that help clients to keep the system in top shape.

We do component level services by checking all electronic components such as Transistors, ICs, Connectors, Resistors, BGA ICs and Mosfets. Our service team also resolves display problems like faint, dead, white and flickering displays.

We rely on our knowledge and expertise to provide the best computer support service for your needs. At Delphi, our years of expertise have allowed us to come up with great solutions specifically offered for you and are guaranteed to fix your computer problems.

Our Team

At Delphi Technologies, we completely rely on our years of experience in computer repair and service. We have been performing computer repair and service since 2004 and we have the right team and resources to make sure that your computer is repaired to your fullest satisfaction. We will not only address the symptom, besides we will make sure that your computer is fixed fully and the problem is taken care off without recurrence. Our team is highly professional and beyond the computer repair and service respectful, understanding and communicative.

At Delphi, we follow team approach to computer and laptop service for serving all size of businesses worldwide. With a team of dedicated professionals, we stay committed to provide quality service at on time every time. Our service center team members are professionally qualified and have a vast experience in the computer service industry and are skilled to support the primary IT business equipment of today and tomorrow. Guided by the visionary person Delphi secures customer delight in all its endeavours.

Delphi’s Customer-Centric Approach

We at Delphi Technologies provide you with all the support and maintenance necessary for product protection and help you to get the most out of your computer. You can concentrate on your core business while our technicians and engineers address your business equipments’ current problems. Experience and specializations with industry leading technologies has enabled us to offer highest quality service to our clients. At Delphi, we are centered on YOU, the customer, so call now to make an appointment and get those computer troubles out of your life for good! Trust us, you will see the difference when you make an appointment with Delphi and see our technicians at work.

Reliable Service for Reputed Brands

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